OkMap Desktop Videos

The following OkMap videos explain how to make some of the most common tasks:

  • How to georeference a map
  • How to create tracks
  • How to modify tracks
  • How to produce track graphs
  • How to produce track statistics
  • How to generate a Garmin Custom Map

Georeference a raster map

This video describes the procedure for georeferencing a raster map. The parameters to be entered are: the datum of the coordinates, the projection of the map and at least 3 georeferencing points whose coordinates are known.

Create tracks and display graphs and statistics

This video describes the procedure for drawing a track on a map, display the track's statistics and produce a graph showing the altimetric profile.

Edit a track

This video describes a procedure for modify a track drawn on a map.

Generate a Garmin Custom Map

This video shows how to produce a tiled map (in this case a Garmin custom map) starting from a previously georeferenced raster map.